We’re Sorry!! Our mamas have been staying busy in other ways lately. We currently do not have any litters available! Check back soon. Or, fill out the form below for more info or to be put on the notification list for upcoming litters!

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Frequently asked questions

A Goldendoodle is the combination of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. 

Goldendoodles come in three sizes; micro mini, mini and standard.

We breed all three sizes, but the mini Goldendoodle is the most popular size. 

Goldendoodles take the highest qualities of a golden retriever and a poodle. The golden retriever has a good, calm disposition while the poodles are one of the smartest dogs. Together they make extremely outgoing, personable, intelligent family pets.  

Cost varies from litter to litter depending on size. Cost generally ranges from $1500-3000 per pup. And yep..the first and second set of vaccinations as well as de-worming are included in cost. 

We are located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Although we prefer to meet potential owners in person, we can use major airlines to safely transport pups to those outside of our area. 

Our pups go quick! To ensure the most updated info our process is as follows.

  1. Contact us either through social media or the various contact forms located throughout our site.
  2. Set up a date and time to select a specific pup. If you’ve decided upon a pup through the website, contact us to ensure availability.  
  3. Reserve your pup. We require a $500.00 non-refundable down payment to reserve your puppy. 
  4. Make arrangements for pickup date and time where remainder of balance will be due.  
  5. Enjoy the heck out of your pup!