Tippmann Goldens is a small, family owned breeder of Goldendoodles Mini Goldendoodles, Micro Goldendoodles and Golden Retrievers. Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, their 18 acre property provided an ideal setting to breed their first litter of Golden Retrievers many years back. Tippmann Goldens focuses on conditions that produce the superior qualities unique to Poodles and Golden Retrievers and that when combined creates the outstanding breed, the Goldendoodle. At times, specific pups were/are set aside with the purpose and intent of future breeding, while at the same time allowing dogs to experience the in-home, family love and care. This allows for Tippmann Goldens to maintain their desire to safely and humanely breed pups in order for others to share the joy that comes from owning a Golden. Because of their excellent temperaments and healthy, happy dispositions, we believe Goldens make THE very best family pets and companions!